European Construction, built environment and energy efficient building Technology Platform

ECTP is a leading organisation that promotes and influences the future of the Built Environment.

Founded in 2004, ECTP brings together the collective vision of a cutting-edge European built environment. It brings together around 150 member organisations from the construction sector and other sectors across the built environment value chain.

It has a diverse membership across 26 countries, large companies, SMEs, universities, RDI organisations and associations which enables ECTP to adopt an integrated approach regarding relevant issues. It brings together people and organisations from across the value chain who contribute, by working together, to improve the positioning on many social and industrial issues, including energy, climate change, efficiency and infrastructure.

ECTP is one of 38 European Technology Platforms (ETPs), which are stakeholder forums, led by industry and recognised by the European Commission as key actors in promoting innovation, knowledge transfer and European competitiveness.

Today it is a leading voice driving innovation for industry in Europe, advising governments and the European Union to transform the sector and shape the strategy and the change in research.

PTPC has been a member of the ECTP Steering Committee since 2015, participating in its meetings, the General Assemblies and in the various ECTP Committees.


PTPC representatives on ECTP Committees:


  • Active Ageing & Design (AA&D) – “Built4Life” – António Baptista Coelho, LNEC
  • Digital Built Environment (DBE) – Rita Moura, Teixeira Duarte
  • Energy Efficient Buildings (E2B) – João Moutinho, BUILT CoLAB
  • Heritage & Regeneration (H&R) – Rita Moura, Teixeira Duarte
  • Infrastructure & Mobility (I&M) – (Representative in the process of being nominated)
  • Materials & Sustainability (M&S) – Cláudia Ferreira, Telhabel


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