PTPC/ AEC Cluster

The Portuguese Construction Technology Platform (PTPC) has as MISSION the development and innovation development and innovation, which may contribute to the increase of their competitiveness within the general framework of the economy, bringing together and promoting cooperation between companies, SCTN entities, associations, federations, confederations, public or private entities of the construction and public works sector or associated to it.

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Multi AEC Project


Smart Internationalisation is fundamental in the New Economic Agenda for Portugal and companies should lead the process of affirmation of the Portuguese competence in the global world. The PTPC, through the Multi AEC project, is making an important contribution to this agenda with a new focus on the role of multilaterals.

Technological Observatory

The Technological Observatory is a working initiative of the PTPC – Portuguese Technological Platform for Construction, whose mission is to promote technological development in construction, based on the monitoring and capture of new technologies and the dissemination of knowledge, through a shared effort.

PAQGreen Project


The PAQGreen Project aims to improve the competitiveness of SMEs by qualifying the sector to develop eco-innovations that enable new models, products and services that anticipate and respond to future private and public demands related to a holistic and sustainable management of economic activities.

Rehabilitation Manual


The book “Rehabilitation Manual – Volume 1 – Rehabilitation of the Built Patrimony: Characterization and applicable legislation” is now available for purchase: Sede da Região Sul da Ordem dos Engenheiros, Livraria A+A and PTPC. The book’s presentation session took place on 6 January, with a post-event summary accessible