JOIN US! – Eco-Building Hackathon – PAQGreen – PTPC/Cluster AEC

JOIN US! – Eco-Building Hackathon – PAQGreen – PTPC/Cluster AEC



The PTPC/AEC cluster will hold the Eco-Construction Hackathon, a training and solution ideation action for the challenges of the European Ecological Pact. This is an initiative under the PAQGreen project – Qualification Support Programme for the Green Deal, in the context of the North Operation 02-0853-FEDER-037632.


The Eco-Construction Hackathon will seek to involve companies, ENESII, entrepreneurs and other entities of the AEC Sector, in the search for solutions, through a methodology based on design thinking.


The main objectives of this event are

  • The promotion of qualification and empowerment of the AEC Sector to respond to the objectives of the Green Deal;
  • The promotion of competitive advantages with innovative solutions, aligned with the principles of eco-innovation
  • The promotion of synergies between the various actors of the sector.


The participants, who will be organised in groups of three, will have to address one of three challenges:

  1. How to develop Zero Emission Buildings?
  2. How to promote the use of the built environment through adaptability?
  3. How to develop Zero Waste Infrastructures?

and propose an innovative solution to the chosen challenge. Participants will be trained both on the European Green Pact itself and on the ideation tools. At the end of the process, participants will have the opportunity to make a pitch to the jury, who will then decide on the merit of the proposed solutions.


The Eco-Construction Hackathon is open to the entire professional community of the Construction Sector and will reward the three best projects with a diploma of distinction and access to matchmaking mentoring by BUILTCoLAB.


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