METABUILDING Project: 1st OPEN SEED CALL [Deadline Change: 26-02-2021].

METABUILDING Project: 1st OPEN SEED CALL [Deadline Change: 26-02-2021].

Up to € 5,000 available for innovative SMEs | First Call METABUILDING | Deadline change: 26-02-2021

SMEs will now be able to submit their applications until 26 February 2021 (applications submitted in English at


The winners will be announced on 26 March 2021.


For more information, please consult the website or send an e-mail to

SMEs in the construction, digital, additive manufacturing, circular economy or nature-based solutions sectors could receive up to €5,000 in support of their innovation. The SEED call is aimed at SMEs in the six project target countries: Portugal, France, Italy, Spain, Austria and Hungary. This first call will fund up to €5,000 per SME project, whose innovation processes have applications in the construction sector and links to the areas of additive manufacturing, circular economy, nature-based and digital solutions.


The goal of the METABUILDING project is clear: to boost the innovation of construction SMEs through collaboration with other sectors.


PTPC/Cluster AEC, participates in the METABUILDING Project, together with other European countries (Austria, France, Hungary, Italy and Spain). It is a project financed by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission that aims to finance and support innovation initiatives and projects of SMEs and boost the construction sector at European level.  It aims to bring innovation to the “traditional” value chain of the Construction sector, through collaboration with other innovative sectors. It will support more than 140 SMEs at European level, belonging to the industrial sectors of Construction, Additive Manufacturing, Nature-based Solutions, Digital Industry and Recycling.