Main results of the PAQGreen Programme now available!

Main results of the PAQGreen Programme now available!

The results and main Deliverables of the Actions of the PAQGreen Project – Green Deal Qualification Support Programme are now available for consultation and download!


Visit the website and find out more about the work done to improve the competitiveness of SMEs in Portugal, through the qualification of the AEC sector.


You can find the following elements:
– “Green Deal – Needs and Opportunities for the AEC Sector in the North Region” Study; – “Green Public Procurement for the AEC Sector” White Paper;

– Action Plan for the entrepreneurial qualification of SMEs in the AEC sector in the North Region;

– Workshop “Green Deal and Green Public Procurement”;

– Epilogue – Closing Conference “Preparing the Future”.

The actions developed helped disseminate the impacts of the Green Deal in the AEC sector, by anticipating and contributing to the definition of criteria for green public procurement and cooperation and coopetition between SMEs!