PAQI 2016-2018 – Support Programme for the Qualification of Suppliers and Innovation Management in the AEC Sector

PAQI 2016-2018 – Support Programme for the Qualification of Suppliers and Innovation Management in the AEC Sector

Project Code: NORTE-02-0853-FEDER-000124

The PAQI 2016-2018 project includes 4 distinct initiatives, which include a set of relevant and coherently organised activities that seek to create the appropriate conditions to encourage the qualification of the suppliers, as well as the competitiveness of the entrepreneurial fabric, namely the AEC SME in the North region, through the promotion of RDI activities and the reinforcement of the exporting and internationalisation skills.

Intervention Region: North


Approval date: 31/03/2021

Start date: 01/05/2017

Completion date: 20/03/2020

Total eligible cost: 399 513,76 euros

Financial support from the European Union: 339 586,05 euros (FEDER)

Objectives, activities and expected/achieved results:


The following operational objectives (OP) were defined:

  • OP1 – Strengthen the skills and know-how of the AEC sector, prioritizing the implementation of specific actions that are able to leverage the skills and competitiveness of the entrepreneurial fabric;


  • OP2 – Enhance the export and internationalization capacity of SMEs from the AEC sector in the region, contributing to leveraging the presence of the AEC entrepreneurial fabric in international markets;


  • OP3 – Foster RDI activities by prioritizing the establishment of partnerships between AEC SMEs and SI&I entities in the region to carry out national and international projects, especially in priority areas aligned with the opportunities inherent in existing funding programs;


  • OP4- Encourage SMEs in the AEC Sector in the North region to implement Innovation Management Systems;


  • OP5 – Disseminate the best international knowledge available in the sector, through the development and promotion of the use of a support tool to carry out collective actions of technological surveillance. It is also important to highlight that the PTPC intends, in a logic of conciliation with other projects to be carried out by agents of the sector in the North region, namely AICCOPN that has initiatives underway in the area of internationalisation (the International Network of Portuguese Construction project, which aims to create a branding for the sector in the North region and thus approach strategic markets such as Latin America and some European countries) and qualification (project presented to the Norte Notice 53-2016-07 which aims to implement a series of qualification actions in the urban rehabilitation sector), betting on a strategy of complementarity enhancing the AEC SMEs in the North region.

PAQI event - June 7, 2019

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